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Latest posts on TPSNews

TrafficServices - Do you have any family or friends coming for the Toronto Caribbean Carnival? Two visitors from out of country lost their licences last week and one faces Criminal Code charges for drinking and driving. Use public transit, have fun, and stay safe. #ArriveAlive #dontdrinkanddrive   (4 hours ago)

TorontoPolice - Follow "TorontoPolice" on Twitter, and Instagram and "Toronto Police Service" on Facebook for official safety messages and updates for 2019 Toronto Caribbean Carnival August 2nd to 5th #TorontoCarnival #Caribana #Caribana2019 ^sm   (6 hours ago)

TPSOperations - Missing: Leonida Prejoiano, 65 - last seen Thurs, Aug 1, 3:30 pm, King St W / Dowling Ave - 5'10", 165 lbs., dark brown hair, brown eyes - wearing a red long sleeve striped shirt, beige pants Anyone with info, pls call 4168081400 #GO1452339 @tps14div ^ka   (6 hours ago)

TrafficServices - The @GoTOCarnival parade route is 4km longer this year. @TTChelps has extra services running to get you there. Plan ahead and skip the #traffic ^bm @torontopolice @cityoftoronto   (8 hours ago)

TrafficServices - It?s here. The long weekend in the middle of summer. @cityoftoronto has tons to do. @GoTOCarnival and many other #Toronto community events happening. Traffic may be slow or diverted (especially around the #CNE ). Try transit, cycle or car pool ^bm @torontopolice @to_cycling @oacpofficial @scottbaptist   (8 hours ago)

TPSOperations - Hazard: Lake Shore W ramp to EB Gardiner Xwy - man on the on-ramp - walking back and forth while singing - vehicles swerving to avoid him - unit responding #GO1453108^adc   (12 hours ago)


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